Crossfit Case Study: 536X ROI

How a Crossfit Box in New Zealand generated $14,300 in revenue with $26.64 in Facebook Ad Spend.

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Most businesses have no idea where their next customer is coming from. At worst their business is about to cave and they’re seriously thinking about quitting. At best they suffer from the “feast or famine” curse. One minute they have way too much business and the next minute there’s no one in sight! But the smart ones have it got it figured out – they know that the key to consistency is leveraging predictable marketing systems. If your gym is frantically trying to get new leads but struggles to hit targets each and every month, you need to read this case study.

Our agency, Coruscate Digital, develops lead generation systems for high growth small businesses. As we speak to more gyms across the country, we see one scary trend: most gyms don’t have ways they will be generating high qualified leads. And when there are systems in place, they are not constantly being tracked, optimized or scaled.

And that’s the beauty of digital marketing – not only can you develop predictable systems to grow your business on demand, but you can also do the number crunching and see exactly what it will cost to grow. That right there is invaluable.


A local Crossfit gym wanted to grow their current member base. They were just about to bring on their first full-time staff member, but they knew things needed to grow even more (and rapidly) if they wanted to keep the staff member permanently.

When I met with them they already had a Facebook page with high engagement but weren’t converting their engagement into new members. They also just started advertising through the local radio station, but they only had very unreliable ways to measure if the campaign was profitable or not. And that’s really important!

The challenge was to create a predictable, scaleable and profitable system, so that when they needed to they could rapidly grow their membership base and know exactly how much it would cost them.


The most important step with any campaign is this one right here. This is foundation of everything to come. The challenge for this Box was to generate leads rapidly, and so the campaign had to be an absolute jaw dropper.

With this in mind we implemented the “Free Trial” generation system. The three major elements of this lead generation system included a Facebook ad, landing page and thank you page.


Once the strategy is in place, we start campaign development process.

The campaign development process includes:

  • Copywriting for ads
  • Copywriting for landing pages
  • Copywriting for emails
  • Graphic design for Facebook ads
  • Design and development of landing pages
  • Tracking setup of marketing funnel
  • Email integration between landing pages and email tool
  • Notifications via email and dynamic excel sheet

The one thing every gym client loves are the ways they are notified for each lead.

As soon as a lead is generated, the team received an email like in the picture below. And each gym gets access to an excel document where the leads dynamically and automatically get pre-populated with the time the lead was generated, their first name, their last name, email and phone number (again see the picture below).


Now that we have the strategy crafted and campaign developed, it’s time to launch!

We always start small to test engagement and for this Crossfit Box we started at just $10 a day on ad spend.

In the first stages, we are looking at Facebook advertising numbers to see how the campaign performs. To get our first set of benchmarks for the new campaign, we looked at:

  • Number of clicks
  • Cost per website click
  • Number of leads
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Cost per lead

From there we made small adjustments to make sure the campaign was performing at it’s optimum level.


This particular campaign was incredibly popular. It took just 7 minutes for the first 2 leads to come through. Here’s the bottom line though –

  • Overall Cost: $26.64
  • Leads Created: 99 Leads in 33.5 hours
  • Ad Click Through Rate: 3.88% – awesome!
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate: 34% – epic!
  • Cost per lead: $0.27

But here’s where it gets crazy. The team worked hard and were able to convert 11 of these leads into paying members on direct debit. They’ve found that once a member goes on direct debit, then they will stay a member for at last a year. So each new member is worth $1300 revenue at minimum.

Revenue Created: $14,300
Return on Investment: 53,600%

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Campaign performance is based on a variety of elements and can vary signicantly based on geographic targeting, competitive landscape and other factors. Results are never guaranteed.